FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join YPG/YPJ without prior military experience?

Yes of course. YPG/YPJ is a people’s army. No one needs any prior military experience. Everything you need to know you can learn here.

What do I need to bring?

During the application process we will provide you with all the necessary information about what to bring and what not.

How can I apply?

Send us an email or via the contact formula. Please tell us about your motivation.

Can I also join as a volunteer for non military work?

Yes of course. There are many internationalist structures here in Rojava that are non military. You can reach out to them or ask us for more specifics if you want. In case you want to join our structures but focus more on other work, rather than front line work, let us know and we can find something for you.

What skills do I need to join the YPG/YPJ International?

We don’t have any specific skill requirements. However if you have certain skills that will for sure come in handy. In general trying to learn the local languages (Kurdish [Kurmanji dialecect] and Arabic [Levantine dialect]) is one of the priorities. That’s something you can start at home already. At the same time if you have medic skills (EMT etc.) that’s for sure something useful.

There are hundreds of more skills that are needed in the revolution so just let us know what interests you or what are you good at so we can see how that can be useful for the revolution.

Can I support the YPG/YPJ from home?

Yes of course you can. There are many ways how you can support us and the revolution here in general from back home. Not everyone can or want’s to come here. First of all it’s important to level up your knowledge on the revolution. We need people with social media skills, Photoshop, video editing, translation etc. There are lots of things one can help with.

How is the situation on the ground? Is ISIS still a thread?

That’s not so easy to say as the situation on the ground is constantly changing. Depending on a lot of factors. Right now the fascist Turkish state is posing the biggest thread to the revolution.

Even though ISIS was territorial defeated in 2019 they still operate in small cells and Turkey is trying to strengthening. Especially the prisons and the ISIS detention camps pose big thread. They are like a ticking time bomb. Thousands of foreign ISIS fighters are detained but not taken back by their home countries. Together with the constant attacks of the Turkish regime this is a great danger.



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