Çay at the Women’s Front Podcast: Guns, Love and Revolution

The guest of the internationalist women was a friend from YPJ International, Berçem from the Czech Republic, who discussed everyday life in the YPJ (Women’s Defense Units), her motivation to join and the ideology behind the armed women’s force.

In their presentation of the new episode, the women said: “Most of us already saw lots of pictures of the women fighters of YPJ portrayed in the media all around the world. But what is behind these pictures? What is YPJ, the all-women-army in Rojava? There is much more to it than just armed women! We are discussing this and more with an internationalist woman who joined the YPJ. She shares insights into everyday life in the YPJ, talks about her motivation to join the force, the ideology behind women’s armed resistance and the importance of education within the YPJ.”

The podcast can be listened to here

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